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Office of Science Outreach



We’re so glad you dropped in!  The Office of Science Outreach at Edgewood College is a dynamic and creative place.  Contained in these pages are just some of the exciting things that we’re continually working on and expanding with an eye towards getting more and more people as excited about science as we are (and we are pretty fired up about science!).




17th Annual Family Science Night is April 16th!

Can you believe that Family Science Night (Formerly known at the Spring Science Spectacular) has been happening since 2002?!  Neither can we - but here we are!  And it's still free (parking as well, on campus), still fun for all ages and offers over 40 hands on science stations for kids age 2 - 102!  CLICK HERE for more information.


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What happens in the Office of Science Outreach?

Let’s begin with our mission statement.  The mission of the Edgewood Office of Science Outreach is to support the application of science education to address societal needs and to help create a scientifically literate population through interaction with communities and groups beyond the Edgewood Boundaries.  


The Office of Science Outreach encourages and assists Edgewood faculty, staff and students to engage in science outreach activities targeted at our community’s youth, school teachers and general public that will increase their understanding, interest and involvement in science and environmental issues.


So there you have it.  A very sound and completely thorough explanation of what we do and why we do it .  .  . In short, we offer science education, in fun and interesting ways, both on and off our campus, to community members.  AND we empower and support other campus groups to do the same.  AND, by supporting science both inside and outside the walls of our institutions, we hope to empower community members of all ages with knowledge and interest in how science makes our world a better place to live.


Group of children participating in an event at Edgewood College