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Office of Science Outreach

Summer Camps

Grades 1-3




June 17-21 9 A.M-Noon

Crafty Science

Earth Explorers

Water Chemistry

June 17-21 1 P.M-4

The Chemistry Behind the Craft

Build an Aquarium: Aquatic Ecology

Light Fantastic

June 24-28 9 A.M-Noon

Tinker Linker

Environmental Explorers

Brain Builders for Strategic Thinking

Thinking Like a Surgeon

June 24-28 1 P.M-4

All About Our Bodies

Imagination and Engineering: Rube Goldberg

GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Math & Science

Tiny Earth: Antibiotic Discovery

July 8-12 9 A.M-Noon

Science Behind the Stories

Maker Challenges

Understanding and Enjoying Lake Life

Chemistry: “Solutions” for a Healthier Environment

July 8-12 1 P.M-4

Our Wild Crazy World

Astronomy & Rocket Science

Tinkering Trainees


July 15-19 9 A.M-Noon

Fossil Frenzy

Water Chemistry

Iron Chef Madison: Biochemistry Edition

WTC: Women Take Control

July 15-19 1 P.M-4

Environmental Engineering

Advanced Maker Challenges

Astronomy-Gravitational Wave Physics


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Want more summer options?  Please visit Edgewood High School Camps for summer programs offered at Edgewood High School.