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Office of Science Outreach

Strategy Games Marathon

Do the words “Settler of Catan”, “Carcassonne”, “Ticket to Ride”, and “Citadels” mean something to you?  Does hanging out with friends for hours and playing games like these sound like a little piece of heaven?  If you answered yes, or you have been curious what the fuss about strategy games is all about, come and join us for a week of playing favorites and learning some new ones.  We will try them all from classics like Risk, to very abstract games like “Ingenious” to thematic games like “Eclipse”, or “Betrayal at the House on the Hill”, from short games like “Sushi Go” and “Skull” to long games like “Eclipse”, from competitive games like “Race for the Galaxy” to cooperative games like “Shadows over Camelot”, and from social games like “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” to quiet, concentration games like “Ricochet Robots”.   Not much else to say, strategy games for 3 hours a day for an entire week.  


The camp will be held in the Sonderegger Science Center on the Edgewood College Campus. The science center is a K-16 building that serves science students of all ages. 1000 Edgewood College drive, Madison, WI

Time and dates

July 9-13, 9:00am-12:00 noon


Grades 7-9

Camp Leader

Jon Edmonson

Leader Bio

Jon is Edgewood’s Biology Lab Manager and instructor.  He is a marathoner, traveler, biker, and strategy games player. 


$200 This includes registration, all materials and a simple mid-morning snack.