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Office of Science Outreach

Resource Guide


The Edgewood campus is rich in both ecological and cultural resources.  If you are interested in exploring these resources as a basis for Place-Based Science at Edgewood, this resource guide will get you started and give you some examples of outdoor lessons that support children’s exploration of their environment.

Teacher Workshops


Working in collaboration with the Education Department at Edgewood and various science faculty, we have held a series of summer workshops for science teachers since 2006. This is of service for all area science teachers seeking to increase their understanding in various science fields


Edgewood offers summer science study in a relaxed atmosphere that teaches science concepts through interaction with other professionals. Workshops offer hands-on labs in a world-class facility.

Conversations in Science

Conversations in Science for Teachers is a series of programs that enrich the community by bringing University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty and other experts to the public, where they share with fellow citizens their wealth of knowledge and expertise about science and technology and its role in daily life. Conversations is a collaboration between UW-Madison and the Center for Science Literacy, Edgewood College, and the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Conversations focuses on a wide range of topics. Questions and ideas are freely exchanged between expert and an audience of K-12 educators. This series began several years ago as Conversations in Science for Madison science teachers. As this program has grown, it has come to include all Dane County teachers.

We gather in the ISEEC (Interactive Science Education and Exhibit Center) in the Sonderegger Science Center. While being refreshed by tantalizing goodies provided by Phil’s Cafeteria, teachers and presenters renew friendships and plan activities while discussing the science topic of the day. The Science Conversation follows with lively discussion punctuating the guest presentation.

Science teachers appreciate the opportunity to engage in high-level science discussion and to stay current in their field. This flows into their classrooms in the form of updated content, and increased enthusiasm and competence on the part of the teacher participants.

Conversations are televised on the public school television channel, MMSD-TV

Conversations in Science Series 2009-10