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Office of Science Outreach

Sports Science

Ever wondered how the muscles in Aaron Rodger’s arm allow him to expertly pass the ball? Or why Stephen Curry nearly always makes the shot? An athlete’s skills come down to years of practice and a whole lot of science.

In this action-packed camp, we will examine the physiology of muscles and movement, how the heart pumps blood around the body, nutrition for exercise, and even some basics of biomechanics. We will mix classroom discussions, laboratory experiments and demonstrations with physical activities to explore how the body works. This camp will exercise both the mind AND the body.


The camp will be held in the Sonderegger Science Center on the Edgewood College Campus. The science center is a K-16 building that serves science students of all ages. 1000 Edgewood College drive, Madison, WI

Time and dates

July 9-13, 1:00pm-4:00pm



Camp Leader

Jess Heckman

Leader Bio

The camp leader is Jessica Heckman, a professor in the Biological Sciences Department at Edgewood College. Dr. Heckman is a molecular biologist who loves to study how our bodies work and how exercise can help us live a long and healthy life.


$200 This includes registration, all materials and a simple mid-morning snack.