Bi-lingual - Rocas notables y minerales magnificos

Grade 1 thru 3
July 13 - 17
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Does the title intrigue you or mystify you? In this camp, a geologist will help you discover all kinds of amazing things about the rocks and minerals that build our Earth while a Spanish teacher helps you express yourself in English and Spanish. A great mid-summer boost to both science and language skills while having a fun time learning about our amazing planet.

Dr. Amy Schiebel


Dr. Schiebel is a geology professor at Edgewood College and the Director of Science Outreach. In a former life, she taught junior high science and loves traveling with students and looking at rocks and fossils all over the world.
Laurel Mittelman


Laurel Mittelman is a Spanish teacher and returned Peace Corp volunteer who recently served in Ecuador with over 9 years of experience in the classroom and experiential learning, both in the US and abroad. In her free time, she adores baking, perfecting her salsa dancing and exploring the outdoors.

Jeanne Benink
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