Thinking Like a Surgeon – Part 2

High School Grade Level
July 13 - 17
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

If you enjoyed the activities of the “Thinking like a surgeon” summer camp and would like to learn more about the human body, this camp will give you that opportunity.

We’ll start the week with a refresher session where we’ll improve our dissection and suturing skills by using both live tissues and artificial skin. We’ll also learn a few additional suturing techniques appropriate for different scenarios.

We’ll then move on in deepening our knowledge of the main joints of the human body by using both models and our virtual cadaver. We’ll create models of these joints with an emphasis on the various diseases and injuries affecting the joints and learn about the various techniques used in orthopedic surgery. Another highlight of the week will be learning the types of fractures and how to identify them in an X-ray. We’ll create models of these fractures using the three-D printing in the great Fab lab of Edgewood College.

This active and in-depth summer camp is tailored for student grades 10-12. For their safety, closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing are mandatory during dissection. Protective coats, gloves and glasses will be provided. Please bring a refillable water bottle to camp.

Donika Rakacolli


Dr. Rakacolli has taught Anatomy and Physiology to college students for 15 years. She has a Ph. D in Endocrinology from the University of Bologna, Italy where they still have one of the first anatomical theatres to ever be used to teach students

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